Today’s the day you can help!

It’s that time of year again! With Quinlan’s birthday one month away, I’m diving into fundraising again. This year, I’m spreading it out a little bit and in addition to donating money to the ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital I’m also going to be donating to an amazing organization called Courageous Parents Network . They do so much for parents of children with all different illnesses, as well as for the bereaved parent’s community. I definitely encourage you to check them out if you want to feel inspired!

This year I’m trying something new and I’m so excited! I’ve created a design and I’ll be selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise money for these two amazing organizations.
The design is something I created to help remind parents of what lives in them during the most difficult time in their lives: PERSEVERANCE. RESILIENCE. STRENGTH. Whether being in the ICU with your sick child, at home not knowing how each day is going to go, or living the indescribable life of a bereaved parent, these three things live inside of you and help you move forward every day.
The waves in the middle of these words represent the ups and downs of life. The good days, and the bad days. It’s never consistent.
I chose the black and white colors for one reason: rare disease. The zebra is the official symbol of rare disease with its uniqueness shown in its black and white stripes, just like Quinlan and every other rare child.

Since Quinlan would have been 7 years old, my goal is to raise enough money to give at least 7 families each 7 days worth of parking passes, as well as give Courageous Parents Network $700! Can we raise more??

T-Shirts $25 ($10 from each will be donated)
Sweatshirts $35 ($20 from each will be donated)
If interested, please Venmo me at @Lindsay-Weekes and include the style, color, and size. (Details to follow about pick-up/delivery of shirts.)

Thank you all so much! Even just by reading this you are bringing awareness to the parents struggling while in the hospital, knowing a hospital stay is around the corner, or missing their child every day. 💚

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