Today’s the day to give back and help a family worry a little less

It’s happening again! It’s time to raise money for one of the best causes around (in my biased opinion) to help families with a sick child have one less thing to worry about: parking passes! We had such an amazing response back in December (raising almost $2000 in just over a week!) that I wanted to do it again in honor of Quinlan’s birthday!

People may wonder what the significance of raising money for parking passes is. Aren’t there other things more important than parking passes when your child is in the ICU? The answer is: absolutely. And that is why we’re doing this. The average family spends 5-6 days in the ICU. Some less, many for more. My family spent over 100 days just in the ICU at Children’s Hospital with Quinlan. Parking is $10/day. In total we spent over $3000 just on parking when Quinlan was inpatient, and outpatient for any appointments we had (keep in mind valet is $15 which is what we did when we had appointments). Some may say “well, aren’t there foundations that help to pay for parking?”. And again I would say, yes. However, you need to fit into a very specific diagnosis to be considered for passes. By that I mean, an actual diagnosis. For us, and many others like us, we did not fit into a specific diagnosis. And even when he was diagnosed (9 months into his hospital stay), there was no foundation for the Brat1 mutation, just like there are no foundations for many of the over 7000 rare diseases and disorders that children can be diagnosed with. So, while $10/day may seem insignificant, to a parent who’s watching their child in pain, that $10 means one less thing to worry about.

Starting today, July 29, and going through to August 29 (does that date sound familiar to anyone?!) you can donate any denomination to go towards parking passes for the families in the ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital. My goal is to honor what would be Quinlan’s 4th birthday on August 29, by raising $4000. That’s 400 parking passes! 400 days that a parent does not have to worry about paying the $10/day to park. We are going to keep the donations open for one month to see if we can reach this goal. It’ll give us all something exciting to look forward to when otherwise it’s just another one of “those dates” on the calendar. I want another reason to celebrate August 29th this year. It will not only be the day I became a mom to the most courageous little boy, but also a day we can help families going through what my family and I went through, and for them to have one less thing to think about for at least a day.

I’ve included the link to a site set up for donations. Please understand that this is something so close to our hearts and means more then you all could know. So, here is a BIG thank you in advance!

Thank you again and please consider donating to help a family with one less worry!

💚Mama Bear

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