Today’s the day for a Merry Christmas

I hope all is merry and/or bright for everyone today. Even if just for a moment. If nothing else, at least it was a white Christmas for many of us (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Today being one of “those” days on the calendar for those of us who have lost someone, knowing that we actually don’t know how we will feel on days like today, I have to say my heart is actually quite full, for a couple reasons. Bear and I had a talk/vent session last night before bed about the suckiness of days like today and we ended our convo telling ourselves that we will try to enjoy these moments and be hopeful for what is (hopefully) to come this next year. I will say, we had a good weekend overall. Lots of family, lots of food, and maybe a couple glasses of bubbles were enjoyed over the last couple days.

When I was younger, I remember hearing adults say that giving gifts is better then receiving. As a kid, I thought there was definitely nothing better then waking up Christmas morning to a full stocking, and presents galore under the tree to tear open. Well, now that I’m officially an adult (not sure what age that actually happens but apparently it’s happened), I TOTALLY get what they mean. I received a used sewing machine a few months ago, and decided I’d try my hand at making memory pillows for my family this year for Christmas. I used a few of my grandfather’s old shirts, and some blankets and shirts of Quinlan’s. For being very new to this whole sewing thing, I’m quite proud of how they all turned out. The best part of giving these gifts, I got tears! Sorry to throw you all under the bus, family, but when you make something, not knowing how it’s going to turn out and you get tears as a reaction, I give myself a pat on the back. So, that was a definite “pro” for today.

But, by far, the biggest “pro” for this weekend is something that I have many of you to thank for. Last week I mentioned giving back to a local hospital, like Boston Children’s Hospital, and purchasing parking passes for parents, as one less thing for them to worry about this time of year. Our expectations were exceeded. Like way far beyond what we thought. I am SO very excited to tell you all, that I was able to write a check to Boston Children’s Hospital’s ICU for $1910!! WHAT?! Bear and I drove into the hospital on Friday and very happily presented the check to the social worker for the ICU. Her mouth literally dropped. She was so thankful and excited, and said she was already thinking of all the families she would be handing the parking passes out to who would be “thrilled” by this donation. While we were there, we were able to say a quick hello to some of our friends from Children’s and they couldn’t believe we were able to raise that money, in ONE WEEK! So, to all of you who made a donation, I thank you, Children’s Hospital thanks you, and especially the parents thank you. The social worker let me know that she would be keeping a log of who she was able to help, and how many, etc. I will definitely be passing that info along to you all once I receive it. This may not be the last time I do something like this. So, if you are interested in helping in the future, I will also keep you all informed on that as well. You all made this week a lot brighter.

(Bear and I at our old home away from home)img_4199

So, there is my brief Christmas blog for the night. It’s been another roller coaster of emotions, but the positives seem to have been very bright. Now on to 2018.

Many wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you all!

💚Mama Bear

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