Today’s the day for updates

Well, today may be the day I just write. I have nothing specific on my mind (or maybe I have a lot on my mind) so let’s see where this goes.

Update from last week –  First of all, “It” wasn’t as scary as I thought. Who knew the movie was over 3 hours long though! I’ll admit, I really only watched about 1.5 hours of it, so maybe I just slept through the scary parts (or maybe I’m just a big baby and psyched myself up for a silly clown who kills people – at least I think that’s what the movie is about. Again, I slept through it. Oops!)

Update from a few weeks ago – The IVF w/PGD process has started. Well, kinda. We have done the initial blood work, etc. Turns out we are both fertile myrtle’s (Bear’s little guys scored an A++ according to the doctor. High five!) If only that was all that mattered we would be all set. However, the whole reason for the IVF is the PGD part (preimplantation genetic diagnosis, aka testing to ensure our baby will not have the Brat1 mutation, that Bear and I are both carriers of and that Quinlan had). We are still going through the insurance nonsense before actually starting the physical IVF w/PGD stuff (aka shots, retrievals, genetic testing of the embryo’s, transfers, etc etc). So, for the moment it is in a “stalled” status. I have such a love/hate relationship with insurance. I love them when they approve what they should, however, I hate when they deny another part causing the whole process to stop for the time being. So, in the meantime, I am becoming a familiar voice to my friends at the insurance company, and will continue to make sure they are getting all the necessary information to approve what we need. This Mama Bear is not backing down when it comes to having another little bear cub. Hopefully more on that in the near future.

Update from this past weekend – We spread Quinlan’s ashes. A little background on my family (which will make sense in regards to Quinlan’s ashes). My mom grew up in a small town not far from where we all live now (small, like, no traffic lights small). The house her and her four siblings grew up in (aka Grammy Judy’s house) had been in our family since the early 1900’s. And next door to Grammy Judy’s house is my great-grandparents house (aka Grammy Bette and Grampa Joe’s house, aka Grammy Judy’s parents). Both houses shared a dirt driveway, a large field, and were both surrounded by acres of woods that the Perkins kids all considered their playground for generations. Grammy Judy’s house was sold a few years ago after the passing of Grammy Judy, and then my grandfather Clyde. Luckily for our family, Grammy Bette and Grampa Joe’s house was purchased by a cousin and has remained in our family. Many acres of the woods behind the houses have since been donated to the town as preservation land and (hopefully) will remain untouched for years to come. Back in the 90’s our family started our own little cemetery of sorts (how creepy sounding) just inside the wooded area and since then there has been many o’ashes spread (no actual human bodies are known to have been buried there, I don’t think…). When Quinlan passed, I knew that’s where I wanted him to be, with the family in the woods. So that’s where we spread some of his ashes. It’s nice to have a place for anyone to go if they want to talk to him, sit with him, or just want to hang. The woods are one of the most relaxing, peaceful places on earth. I invite you all to inhale the wooded air, listen to the birds sing (one of Quinlan’s favorite sounds), and get yourself lost among the trees and you’ll know what I mean. There’s nothing like it.

I guess that’s all the updates for now. Bear brought home the makings for margaritas, so I’m now going to sit back and enjoy the CMA’s with a marg in hand. (And Bear is sitting here watching it with me. I may have even seen him tapping his foot along to the music! Who is this man and what did he do with my husband? Do I dare say he’s converting to the country music side? We shall see! <cue the eye roll>…he just told me “absolutely not but Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hilarious together”. So you’re saying there’s a chance.)

💚Mama Bear

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