Today is Quinlan’s birthday!


August 29, 2017…Quinlan’s 3rd birthday, or what would have been his 3rd birthday. What’s the proper way to address it? I have no idea…but I know it’s a day I want to celebrate him. We’ll be releasing balloons later on this afternoon with some family and friends, and of course having cupcakes, because what’s a birthday without cupcakes! So far I’m feeling ok, remembering exactly where I was 3 years ago right now (epidural was in, life was good…for the moment, until the pushing…that part sucks! But anyways!). It was such a crazy exciting day. Holding this little baby for the first time, after feeling him for 9 months. There is nothing like it. I still can not believe it was 3 years ago. I wonder what things would be like if he was still here with us. He’d be starting preschool in a couple days and I’d be posting the obligatory “First Day of Pre-school” picture. But I can’t consider the “what ifs”, not today. Today is about balloons and cupcakes!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about today, not knowing how I would feel. But I know I wanted to share some of my favorite moments with him (apologies if these same pictures get posted again in the future, but really, can you get enough pics of Quinlan? I don’t think so!)

So, if you have a free moment today, wish the little Superman a Happy Birthday! I have no doubt there’s a party going on up there with more celebrating then we could imagine, and hopefully Quinlan is experiencing his first sugar high from all the cake and ice cream he can eat.

Our first picture as a family of 3! Two weeks early, 6 lbs 12 oz, such a peanut.

His first birthday, celebrated at Franciscan Hospital, with his sidekick Grover.

One of his 3 birthday parties for his 2nd birthday, he’s very popular! Are you noticing a trend…”it’s my party and I’ll sleep if I want to”.

Quinlan and his best friend from day one, his cousin Tripp. 5 months apart and Q definitely looked up to T. #QT 

Me and some of my good friends from way back were all lucky enough to have boys, all pretty close in age, and Quinlan loved his visits with all of them, Jack, Harrison and Thomas!

And now some of my favorite pictures throughout the last couple years to make you smile!

Happy 3rd birthday, Super Q! We all love you so much!

💚Mama Bear

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